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Hardware Support

Providing highly trained residence engineers or proper training to technical operators.

The backbone of any successful technical operation lies in the expertise and proficiency of its staff. That’s why we specialize in Technical Staff Empowerment, offering tailored solutions to enhance the capabilities of your team through providing highly trained resident engineers and comprehensive technical operator training programs. Our Services Include:

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Resident Engineer

We provide highly trained resident engineers who are embedded within your organization to provide on-site technical support and expertise. These engineers serve as an extension to ensure smooth operations and minimal downtime.

Training Programs

Our technical operator training programs are designed to equip your staff with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their roles. We tailor our training programs to address your specific needs and objectives.


Our hands-on workshops offer practical, real-world experience to reinforce theoretical knowledge and build confidence among your technical staff. Our workshops cover a range of topics to empower your team with practical skills they can apply on the job.

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