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Hospital Information Management System

Symptoms Care

Symptoms Care is an intelligent, integrated hospital management platform designed to optimize clinical and administrative processes in hospitals and health systems. 

It digitizes patient records and makes them available securely across the hospital through its Electronic Medical Records module. Doctors can easily access patient history, prescribe medications, order tests and procedures, and coordinate care plans.

Symptoms Care implements automated workflows for patient scheduling, resource allocation, billing and more. It sends alerts and reminders and enables seamless sharing of information across departments. Powerful analytics provide data-driven insights.

Key Features

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Order Entry

Decision Support System (DSS)


Clinical Workflow Automation

Patient Scheduling and Registration

Operating Room/OT Management

Emergency Department Information System (EDIS)

Lab Information System (LIS)

Radiology Information System (RIS)

Pharmacy Information System

Blood Bank Information System

Insurance and Billing

Analytics and Reporting

Interoperability and Integration

Key Benefits

    • Improved patient care through prompt access to data and streamlined processes
    • Increased revenue with accurate billing and collections management
    • Enhanced staff productivity through workflow automation 
    • Better resource planning and optimization using analytics
    • Reduced medical errors due to drug allergy alerts and clinical decision support

Symptoms Care integrates easily with medical devices and other hospital systems. Robust security protocols maintain privacy and prevent fraud. Intuitive dashboards and mobility solutions keep hospital staff connected on-the-go.

By digitizing, automating and optimizing hospital operations, Symptoms Care helps healthcare institutions provide superior and affordable care. The intelligent HIMS transforms hospitals into high-performing, patient-centric organizations.

This comprehensive, scalable platform can manage hospital systems of any size and complexity. Symptoms Care has a proven track record with diverse installations.

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