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We are committed to providing a holistic solution including


Helping Hospitals in providing Laptop, Desktop, Servers and networking solutions.


Helping in Brand promotion using latest tools & technology through Digital Marketing.


Providing highly trained residence engineers or proper training to technical operators.


Using our years of expertise, helping Hospitals in getting NABH & ABDM certification. 


Capturing your brand in unique perspective


I Always start project from research


I do brainstorming and sketch multiple logo concept


Translate the concepts from sketches to vector


Present the initial logo concepts to the client


Revise the chosen concept based on  feedback


Fine-tune the selected logo concept


Create a set of brand guidelines logo usage rules


finalize and Deliver the final logo files to the client.


Best price for our clients

Basic Plan
Premium Plan
Platinum Plan


Frequently asked questions

A brand identity encompasses the visual and strategic elements that define your brand, including the logo, color schemes, typography, and messaging. It’s vital because it helps your business establish a unique and consistent presence in the market, making it memorable and trustworthy to your target audience

The timeline for creating a brand identity depends on the scope of work and the client’s responsiveness. It typically takes a few weeks to a few months. The process includes research, design, feedback, and revisions. It’s essential to establish a clear timeline with your service provider

Brand identity services can vary, but a typical package often includes logo design, color palettes, typography recommendations, brand guidelines, and design assets that maintain consistency across different marketing materials.

Yes, you can update or evolve your brand identity over time to reflect changes in your business or market conditions. It’s important to work with a professional to ensure that these changes are seamlessly integrated while maintaining brand consistency.

The cost of brand identity services can vary widely based on factors like the scope of work, the complexity of the brand, and the experience of the designer or agency. Costs can range from a few thousand dollars to several thousand dollars. Discuss your specific needs with your service provider to get an accurate quote

It’s essential to share your business goals, target audience, any existing branding materials, examples of brands you admire, and a clear description of your brand’s values and personality. The more information you provide, the better your designer can understand your needs.

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